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share with my child in the future

Super quality, a fantastic gift to fill in and share with my child in the future


I love it!

I love it. I found out amazing stories about my Mom!



What a lovely gift - and you get it back from Mum, to treasure forever! You find out all sorts of things you never knew to ask.


Truly Amazing

I gave one of these to my Mum for Christmas last year and I have just received it back completed from her this Christmas. Wow. Truly amazing. And I have to say it is the best Christmas present I have EVER received.


Such a caring and sharing gift

Whilst I tend to review books that are already written, I've decided that I feel strongly enough to not only recommend this title but thought that it is such a caring and sharing gift that other people had to be told about them.

Each journal is set for a specific person be it your Mum, your Dad, your sister/brother or even Grandparents. It gives you the chance to get some of your own personal family moments written down by asking the person who it's gifted to their memories with carefully considered questions such as:

What is your earliest memory?

What is your favourite Childhood game/toy?

What was the first record you bought?

Alongside questions such as What Interesting Information do you have about other people in our family?

As well as lots of other questions that the person for whom it's meant for will treasure. Usually when things like this are considered it is too late to get the memories and you have to build them from what you recall. This way you get that person's thoughts, emotions and feelings that can be treasured by the family for a long time, allowing grandchildren, great grandchildren to get a chance to know those who have gone before.

It really is a magical offering and a gift that I can't praise highly enough. So get yours now, get those memories down and help to give your family the gift of knowledge that could be lost sooner rather than later.


A great idea and will last forever

Saw the review for this book in the paper and was looking for something different to buy my mother. It really is a great idea and will last forever, unlike the chocs or flowers that I normally get!

Idea being that your mum takes some time to tell you something about her/your life - we did ours together. Definitely recommend to others...


A must buy for any son or daughter to their mother!

Bought this for my mother for her 60th birthday as a friend recommended it. My mum was so pleased and it made the perfect present. A must buy for any son or daughter to their mother!


Great value

This is a fantastic idea for a present! Lovely layout and questions in side. This is more than just a book, it's an insight into another person’s world/eyes... on that note you can't put a price on something like this.

Very nice present to give to others! And in return it's to be upon completion returned by the person to the giver.

A lovely present! Glad I bought! Very impressed and would highly recommend!

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Dear Mom (tree)

hardback guided memory journal

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8 Review(s)
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