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now it exists

An idea I've always wanted & now it exists. Great you can choose different names


not just another name on a family tree.

Recently I ordered a personalised journal for my sweetheart's grandmother for her 90th birthday. We had great fun choosing the photos for the cover, the delivery was fast - only a few days - and it's a really lovely, good quality product. As a family historian, I like the questions inside because they direct someone who may not be a natural writer to jotting down their memories. Memories that will give future generations a wonderful view of what this person was really like, not just another name on a family tree.


If only I had one of these from my dear nana

She told me all about her life when I was a child, but as children do, I forgot all about it. I would dearly love to be able to skim through a book now all about my Nanna and feel like she was still here with me excellent product and I would highly recommend it for the nannies in your life, they will love it.

I have the tissues on hand though, cos I know there will be tears on Xmas day.


A nice gift for my Grandmother

I thought it would be a nice gift for my grandmother; there are plenty of appropriate questions that I probably wouldn't of thought of myself.

I think my nan will enjoy writing in this, and I will enjoy the memories she gives me. Its great because I can learn more about my grandmother and therefore more about me and my history. highly recommended!

H C Powell

A fab gift

This is a wonderful book and a fab gift for grannies the world over. Infact, they do a series of them for different family members and I am looking to have lots of my family complete them over the coming years.

The idea is that you give them as a gift and each page asks the person to write an answer to the question printed at the top of the page e.g. how did you meet my grandad? Can you tell me something about my great grandmother? Lot's of the questions are things you wished you had asked when other grandparents or relatives were still alive, but didn't. When the book is complete, they give it back to you to read and keep as part of the family history.

My grandmother was delighted with this as a present and I'm eagerly awaiting it's return.


This is the perfect gift to some one you love

You can then treasure their life and memories for ever. Great to pass down to the next generation.


My grandmother absolutley loved it

I bought this on a whim for my grandmother and am eternally grateful. My grandmother absolutely loved it and so did many of her friends who promptly requested some too. Sadly she has passed away since.

The memories that this book gives me has been a great comfort.

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Dear Grandma (tree)

hardback guided memory journal

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