Selling Tips

• Sales materials Journals of a Lifetime sell well when customers understand the value they add to their lives. Online retailers will benefit from providing a detailed product description and some clear and attractive images. Please contact our marketing manager, Kerri Littlefield, who can help provide product descriptions and suitable high quality images for your site. In store it pays to go the extra mile to help customers understand how our products can be used. 

• Try a journal When you place an order, ask us about our new products a product sample may be available (minimum quantities apply)  Once you’ve got a feel for the value of the products you’ll be able to tell your customers about the benefits more easily.

• Top up stock levels Journals of a Lifetime sell best when stock is plentiful, as this demonstrates your confidence in the product. The last one on the shelf often hangs around!

• Consider positioning Some studies suggest that consumers scan shelves from left to right, starting at eye-level first and then working down. Many savvy retailers will take this into consideration when positioning top-selling products like Journals of a Lifetime.

• Keep in touch At key times throughout the year we offer our stockists attractive packages to help increase sales. Sign up to receive our newsletter and keep an eye on the news and offers page. Remember, it’s our mission to help you grow your business, so please let us know how we can support you best.